October 7, 2010

The World at Night Newsletter October 2010

News and Report

  • New Publications: TWAN Book in German and Dutch: The World at Night has its first official book published in Europe. The large coffee-table book is illustrated with some of the most beautiful TWAN photos.
  • New Topics Galleries: Each month there will be new topical galleries on TWAN to make searching through TWAN enlarging archive easier. The new topical galleries are Moon, Milky Way, Meteors, Comets, Eclipses, Aurora, and stunning Virtual Reality animations of night sky.
  • The Guest Gallery reached the milestone of 500 images from around the world.
  • Join TWAN fans on Facebook: Learn about the latest updates on the project and communicate with TWAN photographers at The World at Night page on Facebook page.
  • Host a TWAN event: TWAN events have travelled to about 30 countries since 2008. New planning for TWAN exhibits and educational workshops is started and we seek for the best venues around the world with interest to host TWAN events in 2010 and beyond. Contact us

Latest Photos and Videos

There are new stunning photos and time-lapse videos on the TWAN website, featuring starry nights of our planet's landmarks from around the world:



- Sagittarius above the Sahara by Babak A. Tafreshi


- River of Heaven by Kwon O Chul

- A Complete Night of Mount Kilimanjaro (VR/video) by Kwon O Chul

- Sky Motion above Kilimanjaro (VR/video) by Kwon O Chul



- Aurora Reflection by Yuichi Takasaka

- Northern Lights over Prelude Lake by Yuichi Takasaka

- Alberta Summer Night by Yuichi Takasaka

- Northern Lights above Clouds by Yuichi Takasaka

- The Color of Polar Nights by Yuichi Takasaka


- Creek Milky Way by Wally Pacholka

- Galaxy Reflection by Wally Pacholka

- Pegasus and Andromeda in the Crater Lake by Wally Pacholka

- Emerald Beauty by Wally Pacholka



- Above the Clouds in Himalaya by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Beehive above Himalaya by Babak A. Tafreshi


- A Summer Night of Siberia by Aleksandr Yuferev

Australia and Pacific


- Starry Sky above Siding Spring by Kwon O Chul

- Siding Spring Milky Way by Kwon O Chul


- Easter Island Milky Way by Juan Carlos Casado

- Moments with Moais by Stephane Guisard

- Hessdalen Northern Lights (time-lapse video) by Bernd Proschold

Cook Islands

- Galactic Paradise by Tunc Tezel

- The Bands of Zodiac and Milky Way by Tunc Tezel

- Captain Cook Sky by P.K. Chen

New Zealand

- Starry Night of New Zealand by Tunc Tezel

- New Zealand All Sky View by Tunc Tezel

- Milky Way and Two Satellites by P.K. Chen

- Sky Gazing from Lake Takepo by P.K. Chen

- Our Cosmic Neighbors by P.K. Chen

- Winter Night of Southern New Zealand by P.K. Chen



- Jupiter above Brittany by Laurent Laveder

- Balanced with Moon by Laurent Laveder

- Moon and Planets above Atlantic Ocean by Serge Brunier

- Full Moon and King Gradlon by Laurent Laveder

- The Rare Parhelic Circle by Laurent Laveder

- Starry Sky of Switched Off Village by Laurent Laveder

- Moon and Jupiter above Quimper Cathedral by Laurent Laveder


- Photographer and Jupiter by Tamas Ladanyi

- Moon and Jupiter by Tamas Ladanyi

- Observing Jupiter and Uranus by Tamas Ladanyi

- Meteor and Sundial by Tamas Ladanyi


- Aurora and Meteor by Bernd Proschold


- Frosty Moonrise by P-M Heden

- The Falling Star by P-M Heden

- Crescent Venus by P-M Heden

- My Galactic Home by P-M Heden

- Milky Way above Faro by P-M Heden

Middle East


- Jupiter and Uranus by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Celestial Conjunction above Ancient Ruins by Oshin D. Zakarian

- Conjunction Observers by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Moon, Venus, and Observers in Motion (VR/video) by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Flying to the Stars by Amir H. Abolfath

- Moon and Planetary Triangle in the Evening Sky by Amir H. Abolfath

- Galaxy Gazer by Amir H. Abolfath

- Moon, Venus, and Photographer by Amir H. Abolfath

- Desert Night by Amir H. Abolfath

- Winter Night of Alborz by Oshin D. Zakarian

- Hormozd Shines above Persia by Oshin D. Zakarian

- Lights from the Earth and Space by Oshin D. Zakarian

- Astronomy for Public by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Sky Photographer Meets with Three Planets by Babak A. Tafreshi

- A King of Liberty by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Night, Camera, Action! (VR/video) by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Walking Under Milky Way by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Starry Love Story by Oshin D. Zakarian

- Engaged with Stars by Oshin D. Zakarian


- Jupiter and Milky Way by Tunc Tezel

- Ending Summer's Evening by Tunc Tezel

- Seven Months of Venus (time-lapse video) by Tunc Tezel

The Guest Gallery is a well-received section on the TWAN website, featuring selected outstanding Earth and sky photos by non-TWAN creative photographers from around the globe. If you have such remarkable photos to share with the TWAN Guest Gallery then please contact us. There are new featured photos in the Guest Gallery:

- Spring and the Milky Way (Locho mountain, Zahedan, Iran) by Mojtaba Moghadasi

- Star Trails in Sohrein (Sohrein, Zanjan, Iran) by Amir Ali Nasiri

- Sky over Sattelegg #1 (Sattelegg, Switzerland) by David Kaplan

- Niyasar Fire Temple and Star Trails (Niyasar, Kashan, Iran) by Abdolhossein Hashemizadeh

- Milky Way from Light to Dark (Zahedan, Iran) by Arman Golestaneh

- Heavenly Milky Way Arch (Weikersheim, Germany) by Jens Hackmann

- Arrabida Mountain Star Trail (Portinho da Arrabida, Setubal, Portugal) by Miguel Claro

- Windmill Milky Way (Mazra'eye Soleyman, Ardakan, Iran) by Ehsan Sanaei

- Rainbow in Full Moonlight (Iguacu Falls, Brazil-Argentina) by Renato Seerig

- Messier Marathon (Abadeh, Fars, Iran) by Ariana Ahangary

- Moon and Venus above Nyakas Hill (Zsambek, Hungary) by Tamas Abraham

- Full Moon between the Steeples (Allgau, Germany) by Timm Kasper and Robert Blasius

- Orion and Star Trail Cones (Mazari Sharif, Afghanistan) by Mohammad Javad Saffaran

- All Sky View (Taftan Mountain, Iran) by Arman Golestaneh

- Conjunction over Ince Minaret Medrese (Konya, Turkey) by M. Rasid Tugral

- Emu at the Beach (Miramar, Argentina) by Luis Argerich

- Surveillance and Stars (National Pine Forest, Marinha Grande, Portugal) by Goncalo Lemos

- Trailing Tijara Fort (Tijara Fort, Rajasthan, India) by Preshanth Jagannathan

- Moon and Venus from Mercedes (Mercedes, Argentina) by Luis Argerich

- ISS Crossing the Sky (Almada, Portugal) by Miguel Claro

- Venus and Mercury Rising (Snake Valley, Victoria, Australia) by Rob Kaufman

- Falls in Full Moonlight (Iguacu Falls, Brazil-Argentina) by Renato Seerig

- Crossroads Under the Stars (Leh, Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India) by Ajay Talwar, Vikrant Narang, Raghu Kalra

- Night Dreams (Wasco, Oregon, USA) by Larry Andreasen

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), a NASA’s world-known website, has featured new images by TWAN photographers:

- Opposite the Sun by Babak Tafreshi

- Northern Lights over Prelude Lake by Yuichi Takasaka

TWAN is featuring 13 special galleries:

Latest Images
Cosmic Motions

Our Cosmic Neighbor (Moon)

Milky Way





Virtual Reality

Dark Skies Importance
World Heritage Sites

TWAN on National Geographic News

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