October 5, 2009

TWAN Newsletter 2009 October 4

- TWAN Director Receives Lennart Nilsson Award : Babak Tafreshi of The World at Night shares the 2009 Lennart Nilsson Award with the NASA’s Cassini Imaging Director Carolyn Porco.

- Three Million Views and Counting : The World at Night website reaches 3 million views and 1 million unique visitors from 197 countries and territories since its launch in the 2008 New Year eve.

- TWAN on PBS NewsHour : NewsHour, a long-standing and respected PBS program, has given coverage to TWAN. This includes feature videos available to view online.

- The Sky of the Earth by Serge Brunier : French TWAN photographer, Serge Brunier, has released his yearlong unique effort to picture the whole night sky from both hemispheres as seen from some of the darkest and most transparent observing locations on the planet.

- The World at Night in collaboration with Dark Skies Awareness project, organize the International Year of Astronomy 2009 Earth and Sky Photo Contest on the importance of dark skies. It is open to anyone of any age, anywhere in the world. More

Latest Photos and Videos

There are new stunning photos and time-lapse videos on TWAN website, featuring starry nights of the planet's landmarks from across the world.



- Scorpion and Lava by Wally Pacholka
- Aurora or Airglow? by Wally Pacholka
- Bryce Canyon Galactic Scene by Wally Pacholka
- Autumn Sky in Starry Nights Festival by Wally Pacholka


- Aurora Over Yellowknife by Yuichi Takasaka
- Amazing Aurora Display (time-lapse video) by Yuichi Takasaka
- Yellowknife Aurora Dance (time-lapse video) by Yuichi Takasaka
- NLC in Motion (time-lapse video) by Yuichi Takasaka


- Night with Moais, by Stephane Guisard

- Easter Island Starry Night by Stephane Guisard

- 3D Video of Paranal (time-lapse video) by Stephane Guisard
- Lagoon Milky Way by Stephane Guisard



- Venus Rise (time-lapse video) by Laurent Laveder
- Horizon to Horizon by Laurent Laveder
- Light from the Solar System Dust by Laurent Laveder
- Zodiacal Light in Brittany by Laurent Laveder


- Morning Show by P-M Heden
- Beehive and Rosette by P-M Heden
- Family Stargazing by P-M Heden
- Return of Autumn by P-M Heden


Midnight Sun from North Cape by by Juan Carlos Casado


- Greek Sunset by Anthony Ayiomamitis


- Equinox Sunset by Tamas Ladanyi
- Moon, Venus, and Cathedral by Tamas Ladanyi
- Lake Balaton Rays by Tamas Ladanyi
- Tihany Moonrise by Tamas Ladanyi
- Space Station and Shuttle Discovery by Tamas Ladanyi

Asia and Middle East


- Stargate by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Empire Moonrise by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Sky Dream by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Mars and Volcano by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Welcome to the Night Sky by Babak A. Tafreshi

- Stargazer by Babak A. Tafreshi
- Earth and Milky Way by Oshin D. Zakarian
- Cosmic Loneliness by Oshin D. Zakarian
- Poet of Astronomers by Oshin D. Zakarian
- Colorful Trails by Oshin D. Zakarian


- Night View of an Ancient Amphitheater by Tunc Tezel
- Scorpion Rise in Western Turkey by Tunc Tezel
- Equinox Fisheye View by Tunc Tezel
- The City of Aphrodite by Tunc Tezel

Australia and Pacific


- Earth Hour by John Goldsmith
- Celestial Meeting in Northern Australia by David Malin

Guest Gallery is a well-received section on TWAN website to feature selected outstanding Earth and sky photos by non-TWAN creative photographers from around the globe. If you have such remarkable photos to share with TWAN Guest Gallery, please contact us. There are new featured photos on the Guest Gallery:

- Scorpion above Babele (Romania) by Cristina Tinta-Vass
- Ancient Rock Art of Iran (Iran) by Amir H. Abolfath
- Moon, Venus, and Mars from Friuli (Italy) by Marco Candotti
- Freeport Crescent Moon (Portugal) by Miguel Claro
- Road Sign to the Milky Way (Romania) by Cristina Tinta-Vass
- Wild Poppies (Iran) by Amir H. Abolfath
- Crescent Moon over Turin (Italy) by Stefano De Rosa
- Auroras in Saariselka (Finland) by Bernd Margotte
- Milky Way and Bucegi Sphinx (Romania) by Alex Conu
- Ancient Petroglyphs of Iran (Iran) by Amir H. Abolfath

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD), a NASA’s world-known website, has featured new photos by TWAN photographers:

- Gigagalaxy Zoom: Milky Way by Serge Brunier
- Gigagalaxy Zoom: Galactic Center by St├ęphane Guisard
- Equinox Sunset by Tamas Ladanyi
- Aurora Over Yellowknife by Yuichi Takasaka
- Summer Night in Astronomy Town by Babak Tafreshi

- TWAN is featuring six special galleries:

Latest Images
Dark Skies Importance
Cosmic Motions
World Heritage Sites
TWAN Podcast

TWAN is a global program of Astronomers Without Borders (www.astrowb.org) and a Special Project of International Year of Astronomy 2009, an initiative by IAU and UNESCO.

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