August 3, 2009

Moon/Venus Rising; Beautiful and Treacherous

This moon/Venus conjunction video required hours of daytime location scouting in the rugged 4WD badlands of Grand Valley, Colorado's desert area.

Once I found where I wanted to return to for the dawn event I marked the exact spot with some rocks that I found on site. Safely returning to that exact location under the complete cover of darkness turned out to be more treacherous than I had imagined. I almost rolled my truck off one of the many small desert hills in the area!

I ended up somewhat lost in a maze of narrow headlight-lit vehicle tracks, which led to a compromise location for the shot and a late start on the time-lapse sequence. In my original planning the moon was supposed to rise right from inside that pocket-shaped saddle of the Bookcliff Mountains silhouette in the composition of the scene. Watch the video to see just how far off I was from my plan:

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