March 16, 2008

Turkish Delight

Perhaps the most recognized city in modern day Turkey is Istanbul (aka Constantinople) which lies in northwestern Turkey. Best known for being the capital of the eastern Roman empire, the 2000+ year-old city is rich in history thanks to a visible presence by the ancient Greek, Roman and Ottoman empires during the past two millenia.

TWAN member Tunc Tezel's panoramic photo involving the 22-hr old moon across the shores of Istanbul beautifully captures the cultural legacy left behind by these three cultures in a most dramatic fashion and which was showcased on NASA's AstroPhoto of the Day (click here) website.

Congrats to Tunc for this dramatic panorama!


Anonymous said...

First of all, name of this city is Istanbul not Constantinople or Instabul.

TWAN project is good but your background is very poor. You must learn about world nations before to write about.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this nice photo Mr.Tezel..

i'm waiting your new photos excitedly..

ozgur 26 izmir/TURKEY

student of astronomy in Ege Uni..

betty said...

κ. Αγιομαμίτη τ΄όνομά σας φυσικά μου είναι γνωστό λόγω της αστροπαρατήρησης(αρχάρια). Βέβαια σχόλια τύπου καταπληκτικό, φανταστικό κ.λ.π. είναι περιττά εδώ, αλλά ...εγώ θα τα προσθέσω!!

Ingram_DW said...

World class quality throughout! Thank you so much for recording adventures from your corner of the world. Your unparalleled vision of Earth and Cosmos brings us all closer together to our planet and our heritage.
David W. Ingram, BEAS, Seattle WA.

Hans said...

Beautiful photo's
Go on and publish!

Ferran Bosch said...

Awesome shot

toomanytribbles said...

i didn't know you blogged! this is wonderful!

Nicolanondoc said...


riri said...

Incantata:-) Grazie!!