February 16, 2008

Two eyes over Arizona

The Large Binocular Telescope Observatory sitting on Mount Graham, Arizona, is comprised of two mirrors with a diameter of 8.4 meters each and which has the ability to work in both the visual and infrared portions of the spectrum.

Amongst its impressive and ambitious list of objectives is the imaging of some of the 270+ exoplanets discovered so far orbitting far-away stars. Some initial "first-light" images helped reveal yet another companion dwarf galaxy to the Milky Way and which has been dubbed the Hercules Dwarf Galaxy.

Globe-trotter and TWAN member Stefan Seip recently visited Mount Graham and captured a dramatic photo of the overhead Milky Way from the immediate vicinity of the LBT. Stefan's widefield view of our galaxy was featured on NASA's AstroPhoto of the Day (click here) for February 16th, 2008.

Nice work Stefan!

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MrPerson said...

I am dying to know the details of some of the shots? Or if you can suggest a place to learn to take such beautiful shots? How to you keep the exposure short enough to keep from getting star trails, yet long enough to get beautiful details?