December 27, 2007

SpaceWeather / Sky&Tel announcements

Dr Tony Phillips who manages the very popular SpaceWeather website provided front page coverage on the SW home page on December 25-26, 2007 which helped the number of visitors to TWAN surpass 20,000 guests during this 48-hr period.

During the same period, Stuart Goldman's sky blog entry surrounding TWAN was also instrumental in this dramatic activity and response from all over the world.

The screen captures below have been cropped so as to be both manageable and readable. To access both of these announcements online, please click here and here.

On Christmas day, 25 December 2007, NASA's
Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) web site announced The World At Night project with an wonderful starscape photograph by TWAN team member Wally Pacholka. This introductory TWAN photo will show APOD's hundreds of thousands of daily viewers a view of Monument Valley in a new light -- moonlight and starlight. Familiar to millions as the location for many American western movies, Monument Valley is an icon of the American west.

Also of note on APOD is the inclusion of TWAN photographer Babak Tafreshi's "Alborz Mountains in Moonlight" on the APOD editor's list of the APOD
Astronomy Pictures of the Year of 2007.

More than 200 APOD's have been contributed so far by photographers who have joined the TWAN team, a significant share all the landscape and wide-field night sky photos to have appeared on APOD in recent years. Coming from 16 photographers in 11 countries worldwide, this is ample evidence that the TWAN team is made up of the world's leading photographers in combining Earth and sky in one image.